GeolocExtension for Twitch

Geoloc discontinued

Polymedia has decided to remove the Extension "Geoloc" from Twitch. Even though it was very popular, with over 750 active installations in less than three weeks, the strain on our servers is not worth it. The Extension was a very good test of stress on the server, the infrastructure can handle a lot of concurrent users from all over the world. With an average of over 4000 unique viewers per day, each performing multiple API requests and at least two database queries in short repetition, we got a good look at a real stress-test and were pleasantly surprised to see the server handling it so well.

As this was a free Extension, and there is no other way we monetize the data, the Business Model relied on Twitch Partners and Affiliates to install the Extension and have their viewers highlight the country of their choice with Twitch Bits. This was barely used and therefore did not meet expectations. This, combined with the immense strain this Extension provided in comparison to our other Extensions (up to 300 times more!), we decided to discontinue the Twitch Extension "Geoloc".

This decision frees up a lot of time and resources for our other popular Extensions, which we plan to support and improve for a long time! You can look forward to more updates for the Twitch Extensions Bits Unlock, Instagram Feed+ and Twitter Feed+ soon!