TikTok Feed+Extension for Twitch

TikTok Feed+ discontinued

Polymedia has decided to remove the Extension "TikTok Feed+" from Twitch. A lot of people are obviously interested in a TikTok Feed Extension for Twitch, but TikTok has no official API and was actively blocking the Extension from reading the user feeds. Discontinuing this Extension was always an option without an official API connection, and crawling hundreds of TikTok profiles every 5 hours was enough for TikTok to completely block the Twitch Extension. If TikTok ever releases an official API, you can expect TikTok Feed+ to be back within weeks or even days!

Our other popular Extensions use official API-connections or don't need one, and we plan to support and improve them for a long time! You can look forward to more updates for the Twitch Extensions Bits Unlock, Instagram Feed+ and Twitter Feed+ soon!


v1.0.2 · 2021-05-04